21 June 2011

Williams Middle is Going Paperless!

Yes, you read that correctly but please do not be alarmed.  This will happen in phases and we will certainly keep you involved and informed in the process.  I think most of you would agree that sending paperwork home with middle schools is one of the LEAST effective methods of communicating with parents.  Therefore, we will use Moodle, Google Calendar, Google Docs and of course email and our school website rather than paper copies home for many of our reminders and notices.  We will also continue to use School Cast and I encourage parents to access the Parent Portal that School Cast offers.  Now if all of this is Greek to you, please do not worry!  Details will be given at our Open House on August 4th and of course throughout the school year.  In the meantime you can go online and find out more information about any of the above mentioned tools (just Google or Bing them!).  Let me know your thoughts.  Continue to have a safe and productive summer!

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